wwf-logoOTA Survival School is a project of Whispering Wishes Foundation, an organisation formed under Section 25 of the Companies Act (Corporate Identity Number U93000DL2012NPL235201). There are three specific projects that Whispering Wishes is focussing on at the moment:

Chimes of Honour: In India there is no memorial dedicated to the martyr. It is left to the Armed Forces to erect and maintain Martyr’s Memorials. This is sad, unfortunate and undignified to forget those who fight for us and because of who we sleep in peace. Chimes of Honour is a humble effort to create a virtual memorial of martyrs – from independence on to the present day. Some day we hope to build an actual Martyr’s Memorial where everyone can come to pay their respects and get inspired to do their bit for the country. Visit www.chimesofhonour.org for more information.

OTA Survival School: Recognising the urgent yet latent need to train citizens in the basics of survival and self reliance to be better able to cope with a disaster situation, the OTA Survival School was started.

The Samaritans: An extension of the OTA Survival School, The Samaritans is a group of volunteer individual trained in trauma care to be able to come to the assistance of road accident victims. India unfortunately heads the world in the number of deaths due to road accidents. People do not have the required knowledge to help save lives. Visit www.thesamaritans.org for more information.

To know more, kindly visit www.whisperingwishes.org.

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