How to take a safe dump

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The ‘facilities’One major problem we city folks face when out in the wilderness is the non availability of ‘facilities’. They simply do not exist in the wild, you have to make do with what Nature provides. The reality is that … Continued

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Situational Awareness and Survival

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One reason people get into survival situations, in the wilderness particularly, is because they do not care enough about situational awareness. The scenic beauty all around, the excitement of an adventure, the joys of being closer to Nature, the chat … Continued

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Meet some waterborne diseases

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Water is life. On average, and depending on the environment and terrain, a healthy adult cannot survive for more than three days without ingesting water. The body will dehydrate and that will ultimately lead to death. That does not mean … Continued

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Recognising Survival Skills Instructors

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There is a great requirement for survival skills instructors. Even though the level of preparedness by the average citizen is woefully inadequate, the recognition of the need to acquire survival skills is still largely relegated in the recesses of the … Continued

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Never give up hope

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It has been said “Never deprive a person of hope, it might be the only thing he has”.This is as true as a philosophy as it is true for those faced with a survival self-reliant situation. You put up snares and … Continued

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How wide is the river?

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On the trail you can come across many obstacles that you need to cross to get to the other side … and safety and possible rescue. Maybe you need to cross a river or a chasm by laying a tree … Continued

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Wind Flows

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Wind is never still, it is always moving, due to temperature differences, differences in topography, differences in the time of day, the Earth’s rotation, low or high pressure areas, etc. When building a shelter in the wilderness, a basic idea … Continued

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About Buoyancy

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If you are lost out in the wilderness, maybe in a tropical forest with a thick jungle canopy surrounding you, it is very easy to get further disoriented and walk around in circles. The best method to make a dash … Continued

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Street People versus City Folk

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Natural disasters are a reality. They happen often and they happen quickly, leaving destruction in their wake. Torn buildings and roads, damaged infrastructure, grid down, polluted water sources, scarcity of food.And this is true, whether in rural India or in … Continued

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