Down The Amazon

OTA Survival School is about enjoying the outdoors ... safely ... so that even strenuous and arduous terrain and circumstances does not prevent one from having a good time. The more treacherous the journey, the more opportunity to practice the skills required to turn a potential survival situation into a self-reliant one. Every terrain brings with it its own unique challenges and the more difficult the terrain, the more dangers that are associated with it.

One unique way to showcase survival skills in the biggest, baddest, rain forest in the whole wide world is to take a trip through it. And that is what we are embarking on -

A 6,000km canoe journey down the amazing Amazon river.

amazonThis is not only a first for OTA Survival School, but indeed a first for India and Asia. No other person from Asia has ever canoed down this amazing stretch of geography, down a river that is often called The River Sea. In fact less than a dozen people from around the world have either kayaked or canoed the Amazon. That is what makes this effort so special.

Take a look at the video below to understand the plan and the purpose behind this awesome journey ... an epic adventure to rival all other adventures.


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