We have all heard of castaways.

From mythical characters like Robinson Crusoe, to film characters portrayed by Tom Hanks from the film Castaway. Brooke Shields became a household name overnight after she acted in The Blue Lagoon. Sadly, there are many real life stories of people being stranded in desolate, uninhabited islands that look like picture postcards, but in reality are postcards from hell. If there is any survival situation more demanding than being castaway in a remote island paradise, it is finding oneself floating in a life raft. Rescue is uncertain and it is only one's knowledge and skills and wits that keeps him alive and filled with hope.

Surviving in a desolate island requires special skills that are different from all other scenarios.

Finding fresh water becomes a priority. The local wildlife may not like the encroachment of another person in their territory and that is something that adds a dimension. The days can be hot and nights can be cold. The humidity saps out every minuscule semblance of sanity that exists The sand flies cover the skin with angry rashes. The sun beats down relentlessly sucking almost every drop out of the body. One has to be aware and has to be protected and prepared.

Chandan Lahiri spent time on an uninhabited island off the coast of Bay of Bengal living off his knowledge and survival kit.

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